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Word Example of - basic

    Example Sentences for basic

    The basic things expected by our people of their political and economic systems are simple.

    The basic requirement for Interstel is five years' service with a survey team.

    I know you are anxious to be more helpful as we all are, but all we can do is get the basic facts.

    If you've had basic, you know enough how to address an officer.

    But in this process over a period of time during these four discussions he never deviated from his basic thesis?

    One of the most basic laws of any society is so basic that it is never, ever written down.

    In accordance with Miss Lord's desire, she had grasped some basic principles.

    It should never, for example, be used along with basic slag.

    Practically every scientific writer on the voice since then states breath-control as one of the basic principles of Vocal Science.

    Until, at last, he realized the basic flaw in all his reasoning.

Word Origin & History of - basic

    Word Origin & History

    basic 1842, from base (n.) + -ic.

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