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Word Example of - basis

    Example Sentences for basis

    The work is to be commended on the basis of its value to the individual boy.

    You are judging us with yourself as a basis of contrast, I fancy!

    They have formed the basis of the great improvements in the breeds in Great Britain.

    This was to be elected on the basis of a census taken by the county officials.

    I am still of opinion that our best way to reach them is from a Chinese basis.

    And on that basis the rank amateurs of Razee proceeded with all the grit that was in them.

    These two theories are the basis of nearly every recommendation that can be found for the use of fertilizers in growing crops.

    Independence and self-reliance are the basis of self-respect and self-control.

    But the loss reckoned this way may well be greater than the loss reckoned on the basis of my figures!

    For a moment, Orne saw that Stetson's suspicions could have basis in fact.

Word Origin & History of - basis

    Word Origin & History

    basis 1570s, from L. basis "foundation," from Gk. basis "a step, stand, base, that whereon one stands," from bainein "go, step" (see come).

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