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What is a better word for batch? What's another word for batch? What are 5 "batch synonyms"? How can I replace the word batch? What is the meaning of batch in English?

Word Example of - batch

    Example Sentences for batch

    He had been over to the Court-house, he said, helping the deputy along with a new "batch of moonshiners."

    A batch made up as follows, tamped in place to a volume of 30 cu.

    Except a batch of three Shangaans returning from the Rand, I had nobody in the store for the whole of one day.

    During the last ten days it mixed a batch every 78 seconds while running.

    For this purpose I took a batch of six radishes and obtained from them responses at gradually increasing temperatures.

    A few additions may easily be made to the first batch of criticisms.

    They all went by the board in one batch, and took away from the Senora in a day the greater part of her best pasture-lands.

    "Here's that batch of scientists who worked on the original Eden survey," she said.

    The first batch is in the oven at four, and is drawn about 5.30.

    Now that you're here, ye might get up a batch o' hot biscuit for supper.

Word Origin & History of - batch

    Word Origin & History

    batch O.E. *bæcce "something baked," from bacan "bake." Batch is to bake as watch is to wake and match ("one of a pair") is to make. Extended 1713 to "any quantity produced at one operation."