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Word Example of - bate

    Example Sentences for bate

    Bate Wood, however, touched his sombrero and said: "Mornin', miss."

    Do you think that I could be bate without allowing myself to be bate?

    Bate Wood had raised a warning hand to Kells, who stood up, facing the door.

    Bate some expected gain for the risk you save, and say what is your price.'

    Gen. Bate rode up to our line and asked, "What command is this?"

    A culprit in the pillory (bate the eggs) meets with no severer exprobation.

    "Red an' Gul are sleepin' off last night's luck," said Bate Wood.

    Mother of God, look at me tin plate that he bate me with, it is all crumbled in.

    Tell me dis minute just what you gotter do, an I bate yo ten dollars I cn do it.

    Your father is to come to me, not I to him; nor yet to your fort: neither will I bite at such a bate.

Word Origin & History of - bate

    Word Origin & History

    bate "to reduce, to lessen in intensity," c.1300, aphetic of abate (q.v.). Now only in phrase bated breath, which was used by Shakespeare in "The Merchant of Venice" (1596).

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