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Word Example of - batten

    Example Sentences for batten

    My purpose was to return on deck—strike off the batten—and set the grating free.

    Scott ordered the men to batten down the curtains on the weather side.

    The other side of the river, Miss; probably from some rising ground a little north of Batten Kil.

    After the stakes were set up we had to batten them together.

    The window openings were closed by batten shutters, operated by hinges of wood and fitted with wooden fastening devices.

    By the third motion the batten crowds this weft-thread into place.

    The batten sleeves are small pockets into which thin pieces of cane (called battens) are inserted to help the sail to set nicely.

    But tell me, Oliver, have you heard of the accident to poor Batten?

    Then the horses were unharnessed, and with a length of rope and a batten of wood a shift was made to mend the break.

    Assuredly not they, for they batten on corruption; they are the maggots not the bees of industry.

Word Origin & History of - batten

    Word Origin & History of batten

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