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The Synonym of - bay-window (noun)

Word Example of - bay-window

    Example Sentences for bay

    If they come here in force you will not be able to keep them at bay long.

    They reached the bay, and descended at the spot where the Leger ought to have been at anchor.

    They all returned, therefore, to Baker's Bay in no very good humor.

    But the bay is so large that they could make out the shores only ahead of the ship.

    She arrived in the bay at a time when the explorers were sleeping after some heavy journeys.

    Every window commanded entrancing views of the bay and ocean.

    We transferred to a troop-ship standing out in the bay with all possible speed.

    On her anchoring in the Bay of Good Success, several of the party went on shore.

    Far up on the northern shore of the bay lay a boat, half in, half out of the water.

    The land was made on January 24, and on the 26th the ships brought up in the bay.

Word Origin & History of - bay-window

    Word Origin & History

    bay "inlet of the sea," late 14c., from O.Fr. baie, L.L. baia (c.640), from Iberian bahia.

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