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Word Example of - bead

    Example Sentences for bead

    This cut is continued until the bottom of the bead is reached.

    But I haven't got much hope from what may be in that bead bag.

    If the bead is completely saturated, it retains its opalescent appearance.

    I hastily drew a bead on the big one's forehead, fired, but it didn't stop.

    I sat on one of the stools and my brother sat in the corner where he could draw a bead if either of the men showed fight.

    They were beautifully adorned with bead and silkwork and trimmed with fur.

    In Fig. 261 a bead is worked on the right-hand stile to mask the joint.

    Then I saw a bead of sweat trickle down his forehead, and I knew that he was beaten.

    At a distance of fifty feet he drew a bead upon the centre of the Eye and pressed the trigger.

    Where you had previously raised, you must narrow with the bead you have upon the silk.

Word Origin & History of - bead

    Word Origin & History of bead

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