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Word Example of - beam

    Example Sentences for beam

    A beam, by the way, is a beam in Japan; anything under a foot thick is a stick.

    The struggle with the beast broke the beam to which he was chained.

    Luckily for us, the wind was nearly aft, so that we did not feel its effects nearly so much as if it had been on our beam.

    Then she walked along the beam, and turned about to come down the ladders.

    It was as though the beam were a very fragile thing that might break should it brush even the smallest tree.

    Last season I was captain of the beam trawler Laura and Marion.

    The sounds seem as if they are coming from the right now abaft the beam, if anything.

    The sound came from abaft his beam and his disquietude increased.

    How does it act, not upon a beam of light, but upon our own bodies?

    Let this require a weight, A, on the right hand side of the beam.

Word Origin & History of - beam

    Word Origin & History of beam

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