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Word Example of - beard

    Example Sentences for beard

    When him go he see a big he-goat, him beard was a yard long.

    It is curious that the hen, though in other respects like the male, has no beard.

    I crept to him when he slept—I was a small boy then—and I trimmed the beard down to a point.

    He would have a man to shave his beard and to trim his hair.

    Here he squirted his thin tobacco spittle "out owre his beard," but added nothing further.

    His thin nose was wrinkled, and the strip of beard on his chin bristled.

    No physiological deformities have been discovered which prevent any people from cultivating a beard if such be their pleasure.

    The king tore out not only his beard, but the hair of his head, in silence.

    Then, when she received your note—the one that Beard brought her—she believed you meant, after all, to marry her.

    His face was white, and his beard was green— A fairer demon was never seen.

Word Origin & History of - beard

    Word Origin & History of beard

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