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Word Example of - bearish

    Example Sentences for bearish

    He had evidently recovered his nerve, and seemed to take pleasure in piquing Charlie's bearish suspicions.

    I am not naturally unsociable, or bearish, or a surly misogynist.

    But of all the ill-tempered, bearish, detestable men I ever met in my life, he is the worst.

    If I am bearish, I think the best thing you can do is to get out of my way at once.

    That the man was a bear was a matter of course, and bears probably do not themselves know how bearish they are.

    A charming fellow with undoubted talent, but so bearish about his music.

    It is lucky for mamma that, in his green state, he is courtly instead of bearish.'

    That Abernethy is odd all the world knows, but his oddity is far more amusing than repulsive, far more playful than bearish.

    Her old captain was bearish, but I met a bear once in Alaska that looked pleasanter.

    Its splendid to see you again, Jerry, caroled Marjorie, hugging her friend with bearish enthusiasm.

Word Origin & History of - bearish

    Word Origin & History

    bearish "grumpy, surly," 1744, from bear (n.).

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