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Word Example of - beat

    Example Sentences for beat

    "All right, beat it now and forget you ever saw me," he said.

    We've passed the policeman on his beat; he is going the other way.

    So that if a chestnut was a fiver, and it beat a tenner, it became at one leap a fifteener.

    If they do so, you have the power 364to beat them, yet without danger to their lives.

    The plan was to make a wide detour and beat the mountains thoroughly.

    It was the joyous work of a minute to beat and choke him into insensibility.

    The life in her had gone through so much and circumstances had not been able to beat it down.

    I grappled with my enemies, learned the rules of the game and beat them at their own sport.

    "Lucky for him that he beat it before I got my hands on him," said Buck.

    She beat me with the broom, until Delecresse interfered and pulled her off.

Word Origin & History of - beat

    Word Origin & History

    beat O.E. beatan "inflict blows on, thrash" (class VII strong verb; past tense beot, pp. beaten), from P.Gmc. *bautan (cf. O.N. bauta, O.H.G. bozan "to beat"), from PIE base *bhau- "to strike" (see batter (v.)). Of the heart, c.1200, from notion of it striking against the breast. Meaning "to overcome in a contest" is from 1610s (the source of the sense of "legally avoid, escape" in beat the charges, etc., attested from c.1920 in underworld slang). Meaning "strike cover to rouse or drive game" (M.E.) is source of beat around the bush (1570s), the metaphoric sense of which has shifted from "make ...preliminary motions" to "avoid, evade." Command beat it "go away" first recorded 1906 (though "action of feet upon the ground" was a sense of O.E. betan). Dead-beat (originally "tired-out") preserves the old pp. To beat off "masturbate" is recorded by 1960s. For beat generation see beatnik.

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