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Word Example of - bed-and-breakfast

    Example Sentences for bed

    Even the bed of the River Roseau is not free from these volcanic outbursts.

    Because I shall put them to bed unless they are gone in five minutes.

    He had returned to his room in three strides, and was now under the bed.

    She started out of bed, and jumped at once out of the window.

    They ran to her father's bed, and there she heard them say to each other that he was dead.

    I took off my wet clothes, put on a dry shirt, and got into bed.

    Why, little nightcap, what brings you out of your bed so early?

    Give me a drink, and let's go to bed for two or three hours.

    Then he told her she must be sleepy, and sent her away to bed.

    "In bed like a decent man if he's to be my husband, which he is," said Miss Junk, tartly.

Word Origin & History of - bed-and-breakfast

    Word Origin & History

    bed O.E. bedd "bed, couch, resting place, garden plot," from P.Gmc. *badjam "sleeping place dug in the ground" (cf. M.Du. bedde, O.N. beðr, O.H.G. betti, Ger. bett, Goth. badi), from PIE base *bhedh- "to dig, pierce" (cf. Hittite beda- "to pierce, prick," Gk. bothyros "pit," L. fossa "ditch," Lith. bedre "to dig," Bret. bez "grave"). Both "sleeping" and "gardening" senses are in O.E. Meaning "bottom of a lake, sea, watercourse" is from 1580s. The verb meaning "to sleep with" is early 14c.

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