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The Synonym of - bedrock (noun)

Word Example of - bedrock

    Example Sentences for bedrock

    Weakened as he was, his perception told him that the ship had buried itself deep in a swamp until it rested on bedrock.

    Such a belief was indeed the bedrock of mediaeval political thought.

    You fetch a person down to the bedrock, as Grandsir Penlyn used to say, and then they know where they be.

    The bedrock on which they fought was slippery where ice had formed in the crevices.

    Nobody valued Jimmy's intellect, but every one had been prepared to repose securely on the bedrock of his prejudices.

    Here was always the reminder of that bedrock principle of his thought.

    In the bedrock about these pools Oliver had previously noted several round holes the size of a half-bushel measure.

    He is going, said Old Mole, to discover the bedrock of life and live on it.

    At C-1, only one specimen was found in a turbid, isolated pool with bedrock bottom.

    During it and the succeeding night she went down to the bedrock of realization.

Word Origin & History of - bedrock

    Word Origin & History

    bedrock 1850, from bed + rock. Figurative use from 1869.

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