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What is a better word for beef? What's another word for beef? What are 5 "beef synonyms"? How can I replace the word beef? What is the meaning of beef in English?

Word Example of - beef

    Example Sentences for beef

    Saxe Gotha responded to the greeting with a puppy gambol, and devoured the beef with gusto.

    Chickens and turkeys, and surlines and ribs of beef, and sech truck!

    What a delightful thing if the English would make other kinds of sausages as well as their beef and pork ones!

    Could he not, moreover, kill and skin an animal and sell the beef as his own?

    Our mess had laid in a supply early in the morning: six chickens, a beef and a goose was our stock for eight men.

    The experts had been wrong; the (p. 333) beef proved of poor quality.

    Stew it in mutton or beef gravy, with a quarter of a pint of port wine, some pepper and allspice.

    Barney arrived with the chilled quarter of beef wrapped in burlap.

    Beef has only lately become an article of food for the country people, and is still so only on a small scale.

    Even on the continents fish is more available and cheaper than beef.

Word Origin & History of - beef

    Word Origin & History

    beef c.1300, from O.Fr. buef (11c., Mod.Fr. boeuf), from L. bovem (nom. bos, gen. bovis) "ox, cow," from PIE base *gwou- "cow, ox, bull" (see cow (n.)). Original plural was beeves.