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Word Example of - beer-gut

    Example Sentences for beer

    About eleven o'clock he went out with a jug to get some beer.

    The litre of beer is called a canette, and the half-litre a choppe.

    He tossed the remainder of the beer into his throat, and set down the mug.

    We might find him shaving, or eating sausage, or drinking a bottle of beer.

    In an instant he was dripping with beer thrown at him—glass and all—by the irate Quell.

    “Just a glass or so of beer and a sandwich or two,” I admitted.

    An extended franchise meant a larger expenditure on beer, not the readier acceptance of popular aspirations.

    "Seven and fourpence 'ap'ny—most of it beer," said the child.

    The beer being done, the Doctor chafed bitterly while Jean-Marie finished his cakes.

    Keep them out of your beer and it remains for ever unaltered.

Word Origin & History of - beer-gut

    Word Origin & History

    beer O.E. beor, a word of much-disputed and ambiguous origin, but probably a 6c. W.Ger. monastic borrowing of V.L. biber "a drink, beverage" (from L. infinitive bibere "to drink;" see imbibe). Another suggestion is that it comes from P.Gmc. *beuwoz-, from *beuwo- "barley." The native Germanic word for the beverage was the one that yielded ale (q.v.)."Beer was a common drink among most of the European peoples, as well as in Egypt and Mesopotamia, but was known to the Greeks and Romans only as an exotic product." [Buck]They did have words for it, however. Gk. brytos, used in reference to Thracian ...or Phrygian brews, was related to O.E. breowan "brew;" L. zythum is from Gk. zythos, first used of Egyptian beer and treated as an Egyptian word but perhaps truly Gk. and related to zyme "leaven." Sp. cerveza is from L. cervesia "beer," perhaps related to L. cremor "thick broth." O.C.S. pivo, source of the general Slavic word for "beer," is originally "a drink" (cf. O.C.S. piti "drink"). French bière is a 16c. borrowing from German. U.S. slang beer goggles, through which every potential romantic partner looks desirable, is from 1986.

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