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Word Example of - befitting

    Example Sentences for befitting

    It is of good design, and on it are befitting quotations from his poetry; but after all we were sorry to see it.

    So likewise it was befitting women to be chaste and refined, and to endure.

    Let him use a befitting neatness, not verging toward the effeminate, but just avoiding a rustic harshness.

    They have been called noble and masterly, and the words are befitting.

    Triumphal archways with memorial tablets and pedestals of carved lions are befitting portals to a really noble work.

    Two things, however, must be kept in view, the practicable and the befitting.

    Grim was the weather, befitting, in all probability, Charles's own mood.

    When May was the heroine it was all befitting and natural—but for Nelly!

    His language often was befitting a wise man who was speaking of very little children.

    The day was clear and cold, as if befitting the holy-day they were about to celebrate.

Word Origin & History of - befitting

    Word Origin & History

    befitting 1560s, prp. adj. from befit (q.v.).

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