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Word Example of - begetter

    Example Sentences for begetter

    Such were the deeds of the begetter and giver of being, Tepeuh, Gucumatz.

    Begetter of intelligence reached by intuition, not reason, iii.

    In a text belonging to a still earlier age, the deity is mentioned as the begetter of a king whose name is read Lugal-zaggisi.

    It was a great and fruitful idea—and the Prince was its only begetter.

    To assign such significance to the word 'begetter' was entirely in Thorpe's vein.

    They loved; and Love is the parent of endurance, the begetter of courage.

    As is the begetter, so are they also that are begotten of him.

    She is valued first as a begetter of offspring, second as a domestic.

    This story is the only begetter of the large army of pathetic figures of failure that crowd the pages of Russian literature.

    Who was the "only begetter" of these passionate offerings of the poet's love?

Word Origin & History of - begetter

    Word Origin & History

    beget O.E. begietan "to get by effort, find, acquire, attain, seize" (class V strong verb, p.t. begeat, pp. begeaton), from be- + get (q.v.). Sense of "to procreate" is from c.1200. Related to O.H.G. pigezzan, Goth. bigitan "to get, obtain."

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