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Word Example of - begin

    Example Sentences for begin

    "The moment we begin business in the morning," went on Mr. Pendergast.

    I would make every living thing a cripple, if I could, and I'd begin on you, you!

    But it will never do to begin the night's vigil in this low key.

    All mass actions seem to begin because the mass wants to act together.

    I really don't know what made me begin to cry; it was a mixture.'

    Oh, but I have much to say to you; and to begin with, I have a warrant for your arrest.

    We begin with grand purposes, and we end with very poor results.

    If you make a mistake in your career, you can correct it and begin again.

    Often when I am at work in the fields, I begin all at once to think about him.

    "O, I begin to understand," said aunt Madge, laughing heartily.

Word Origin & History of - begin

    Word Origin & History

    begin O.E. beginnan "to begin, attempt, undertake," a rare word beside the more usual form onginnan (class III strong verb; past tense ongann, pp. ongunnen); from bi- "be" + W.Gmc. *ginnan, of obscure meaning and found only in compounds, perhaps "to open, open up" (cf. O.H.G. in-ginnan "to cut open, open up," also "begin, undertake"). Cognates elsewhere in Germanic include O.H.G. beginnan, M.Du. beghinnen, Ger. beginnen, O.Fris. bijenna, Goth. duginnan.

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