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Word Example of - beginner

    Example Sentences for beginner

    Although only a beginner, he was already recognized as an artist of great talent.

    This, too, is an arrangement made to let down the beginner easily.

    Because it is more musical and harmonious in sound, and makes the structure of Latin verse clear even to the beginner.

    What play to select for a beginner becomes then a question of some moment.

    I was a mere bungler, a beginner beside her; she even sang a charming little chanson.

    I think the best kind of flail for a beginner is a long cane.

    Pretty well, I think, for a beginner, remarked Mr. Bolter complacently.

    That is a question every beginner will want to have answered.

    It is necessary also to warn the beginner against indulging extravagant hopes.

    How it interests e'en a beginner(Or tiro) like dear little Ned!

Word Origin & History of - beginner

    Word Origin & History of beginner

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