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Word Example of - beginning

    Example Sentences for beginning

    This was in reality the beginning of Mrs. Dean's carefully laid plan.

    Who saw its fires here rise, and there descend, Explain his own beginning, or his end?

    Joan told me about it at the beginning when I chaffed her about his loving her; and he does, you know he does.

    From the beginning, he was aware that his first step must be to ascertain that she was not mistaken.

    How he kept his oath, and what it cost him in the beginning, nobody knows.

    But the beginning,” said Margaret; “what can be the beginning of this wonderful experience?

    Different dates are given for the beginning of the Zerdush religion.

    "That explains it all, then," I added, beginning to understand the situation.

    She had not dared to love Miss Armitage in this fashion in the beginning.

    The first faint touch of autumn colour was beginning to illuminate their foliage.

Word Origin & History of - beginning

    Word Origin & History

    beginning late 12c., "time when something begins," from begin. Meaning "act of starting something" is from early 13c. The O.E. word was fruma.

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