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Word Example of - beginnings

    Example Sentences for beginnings

    It must be remembered that there is no parallelism in the chronology of the beginnings of the North and the South.

    Next summer, we said, we would try to mark the beginnings of the congregation.

    Why not make four beginnings, since there are four distinct seasons according to the equinoxes and solstices?

    But I cannot endorse this argument of the Jews, assuming two beginnings of the year.

    But it took the Neighborhood House to teach us as a community the beginnings of the art of neighborliness.

    No man can say how ancient is this custom, nor yet the beginnings in which it had its origin.

    With one more glimpse of her home-life in childhood I will bring this chapter of "Beginnings" to a close.

    This is the commandment that as ye have heard from the beginnings ye should walk in it.

    Probe into the beginnings of any African colony and you immediately uncover intrigue and militant imperialism.

    In it the beginnings of his madness pirouette like tentative dancers.

Word Origin & History of - beginnings

    Word Origin & History

    beginning late 12c., "time when something begins," from begin. Meaning "act of starting something" is from early 13c. The O.E. word was fruma.

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