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Word Example of - beguile

    Example Sentences for beguile

    How any fox outside of the fable could beguile a crow is a puzzle to me.

    They served to beguile many an hour of weakness and weariness.

    The way is long and we shall have much ado to beguile the tediousness of it.

    And now came the further question, how were we to beguile the lioness to return?

    The waiting unnerves me, and I beguile the time by examining all the little details of the building.

    And where will you beguile me to, when you get me fairly out?

    If Mariana is there she certainly has no pile of old magazines to beguile her leisure.

    Tak' the right, or tak' the wrong, I'll beguile ye, if I can.

    Giving another's to the poor, I should beguile them of their thanks, and cheat thee the true giver.

    Let Old Eaton have his way, if thereby they might beguile him into paving theirs.

Word Origin & History of - beguile

    Word Origin & History

    beguile early 13c., from be- + guile (v.). Pp. adj. beguiling is recorded from c.1400.

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