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Word Example of - behind

    Example Sentences for behind

    He was behind me just now, as I entered, he said, and I cannot think what has become of him.

    He shut the door and locked it behind him and then went on down the corridor.

    There is a large clump of bushes, behind which you will stand.

    "The boat, sir," cried the marine, appearing from behind the bushes.

    And behind him Marianina, hopping on and following as best she might.

    He then came from behind the table and shook them warmly by the hand.

    Then there were four second gunbearers, who came along just behind the first gunbearers.

    When within a mile and a half of the houses, a stone had been thrown at him from behind a hedge.

    Behind these soldiers, trudged thousands of women and children.

    I bantered him a little, saying I did not leave him behind for fear he would get into trouble.

Word Origin & History of - behind

    Word Origin & History

    behind O.E. behindan "behind, after," from bi "by" + hindan "from behind" (see hind (adj.)). Euphemistic meaning "backside of a person" is from 1786. Phrase behind the times is from 1905.