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"belletristic Synonyms"

What is a better word for belletristic? What's another word for belletristic? What are 5 "belletristic synonyms"? How can I replace the word belletristic? What is the meaning of belletristic in English?

Word Example of - belletristic

    Example Sentences for belletristic

    The belletristic and the puritanical conceptions of life presented themselves in their profoundest antithesis.

    In belletristic literature, also, we find occasional references to the love-sentiment in childhood.

Word Origin & History of - belletristic

    Word Origin & History

    belles-lettres "elegant literature, aesthetics," 1710, from Fr., lit. "fine letters," from belles, pl. of belle, fem. of beau "fine, beautiful" + lettres, pl. of lettre "letter." The literary equivalent of beaux arts.