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Word Example of - belly

    Example Sentences for belly

    It is exactly like the other figure, with the hands over the belly, aproned and ornately tasseled on its left.

    When the Ahuna is in danger, he puts his head in his belly, and eats a bit of himself.

    All males have dark flecks or reticulations on the throat; in some individuals the chest and belly are heavily flecked.

    He had now symptoms of water in his chest, his belly and his legs.

    He advanced a step at a time watching his footing, his knife drawn down and back for the uprip, the belly slash.

    The fur was gray, except that on the belly, which was white.

    The body was long and thick; the belly hanging nearly to the ground, and of great size.

    The skin is generally red and the belly distended and tender.

    But a ridiculous and childish fable of the belly and the rest of the members.

    He talks continually of guts as though a belly were a kind of wit.

Word Origin & History of - belly

    Word Origin & History

    belly O.E. belg, bylg (W.Saxon), bælg (Anglian) "leather bag, purse, bellows," from P.Gmc. *balgiz "bag" (cf. O.N. belgr "bag, bellows," bylgja "billow," Goth. balgs "wineskin"), from PIE *bholgh-, from base *bhelgh- "to swell," an extension of *bhel- (2) "to blow, swell" (see bole). Meaning shifted to "body" (late 13c.), then to "abdomen" (mid-14c.). Meaning "bulging part or concave surface of anything" is 1590s. The W.Gmc. root had an extended sense of "anger, arrogance" (cf. O.E. bolgenmod "enraged;" belgan (v.) "to become angry"). IE languages commonly use the same word for both the external ...belly and the internal (stomach, womb, etc., e.g. Gk. gaster). Fastidious avoidance of belly in speech and writing (replaced by imported stomach and abdomen) began late 18c. and the word was banished from Bibles in many early 19c. editions.

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