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Word Example of - beloved

    Example Sentences for beloved

    Now the lover is not only unlike his beloved, but he forces himself upon him.

    It is I, Dea Flavia, whom thou didst call the beloved of thy heart.

    Here she learned that her beloved Amazan had just set sail for Albion.

    And in this confidence he addressed his beloved again, all on fire.

    She insisted on accompanying the children of her beloved mistress to their new home.

    What he saw made him even forget that he had on the beloved scout suit.

    Rouzy was restored to his family, who ever afterwards remembered their "beloved Washington" in their daily prayers.

    My only wish all the time was to rush forward and to release my beloved brother.

    Cecilia's happiness or hope was too sensitive to allow of a beloved father's deceiving her in his opposition to it.

    Most of the papers related to his beloved book—which was almost half-completed.

Word Origin & History of - beloved

    Word Origin & History

    beloved late 14c. (adj.), from pp. of v. belove (c.1200), from be- + loven "to love." Noun meaning "one who is beloved" is from 1520s.

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