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The Synonym of - bench (verb)

Word Example of - bench

    Example Sentences for bench

    I had my eyes fixed on the face of the young girl upon the bench.

    Liewen Konar smiled wryly as he put a battered object on the bench.

    But History, the search for truth, should be as impersonal as the judge on the bench.

    Thialfi lay down on a bench, too, but his thoughts were still upon the food.

    MacLeod picked up his pipe from the bench, tapped it empty, and pocketed it.

    Odin and Loki sat on the bench and the old man went on with his cooking.

    The Ethels sat before the fire in the sitting room like judges on the bench.

    The small boys on the bench had had leisure to abate their ardour by this time.

    Then Mr. Turnbull rose slowly from the bench below the gangway.

    As for me, I lay down again on my bench, but I did not go to sleep again.

Word Origin & History of - bench

    Word Origin & History

    bench O.E. benc "long seat," from P.Gmc. *bankiz (cf. Da. bænk, M.Du. banc, O.H.G. banch). Used for "office of a judge" since late 13c. Sporting sense (in baseball, N.Amer. football, etc.) is from 1909; the verb meaning "to take out of the game" is from 1902.

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