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Word Example of - benevolence

    Example Sentences for benevolence

    All this created an enormous sum for the secours, which was the real "relief," as benevolence.

    I confessed that it was to do Mr. W—— a benevolence,—tell him where he was.

    But love is a complacency, and benevolence is but its effect or antecedent.

    Let the Christian learn that benevolence is the garb in which religion is dressed.

    Their love delighted him, and he returned it with the fondness of a parent and the benevolence of a pastor.

    On the contrary, this was his friend who had fed him, and he regarded him with benevolence.

    That we must attribute to cats the estimable virtue of benevolence, Mrs F— gives me two anecdotes to prove.

    He was a man of large enterprise and benevolence, manly in person, and dignified in manner.

    He was sheriff of Paris, 1770, and employed his leisure in objects of benevolence, till the revolution overwhelmed him.

    A smile of benevolence passed over Daddy Tantaine's features.

Word Origin & History of - benevolence

    Word Origin & History

    benevolence late 14c., "disposition to do good," from L. benevolentia "good feeling, good will, kindness," from bene "well" (see bene-) + volantem (nom. volens) prp. of velle "to wish" (see will (v.)). In Eng. history, this was the name given to forced extra-legal loans or contributions to the crown, first so called 1473 by Edward IV, who cynically "asked" it as a token of good will toward his rule.

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