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Word Example of - bequest

    Example Sentences for bequest

    The fulness of delight in a garden is the bequest of a childhood spent in a garden.

    The disposal of Miss Cynthia's bequest was much discussed in the village.

    In a somewhat recent case in Pennsylvania, the question of revocation arose, in regard to a bequest to charity.

    Mr. Mller records the first bequest as from a dear lad who died in the faith.

    It is however, likely that other members of the family (if not he, by bequest) contributed largely to the general building fund.

    A bequest to them was disputed on the grounds that the testator was of unsound mind.

    To Mr. Cecil Burleigh his old friend's bequest was a boon to be thankful for, and he was profoundly thankful.

    "The lots were a bequest to me from the original owner," said Chester.

    Occasionally, too, parochial charities provided that the bequest in kind should be consumed in the church.

    The founding or endowing of universities and public libraries by gift or bequest.

Word Origin & History of - bequest

    Word Origin & History

    bequest c.1300, "act of bequeathing," from be- + *cwis, *cwiss "saying" (related to quoth; from P.Gmc. *kwessiz), with excrescent -t. Meaning "that which is bequeathed" is recorded from late 15c

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