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The Synonym of - bereavement (noun)

Word Example of - bereavement

    Example Sentences for bereavement

    The feeling, embraced by each of them with the most profound sincerity, was that Ranny's bereavement was irreparable, supreme.

    Dr. Haer, my apologies for intruding upon you in your time of bereavement.

    The blank of bereavement, terrible to all, was absolute and eternal to her, and this was her first great sorrow.

    He missed Phineas beyond all his conception of the blankness of bereavement.

    "I trust you've recovered from the bereavement," she laughed.

    To grandfather, as to us all, it had brought a sable cloud of bereavement.

    Suffering of body had not altered him so much as bereavement, and bereavement without rest in which to face and recover the shock.

    The weeping that endured for the long night of bereavement all forgotten.

    Thus without a thought of causing her pain, he ever brought before her the deepest sense of her bereavement and her isolation.

    Suffering and pain, bereavement and loss may test its constancy, but they will not quench it.

Word Origin & History of - bereavement

    Word Origin & History

    bereavement 1731, from bereave + -ment.

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