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Word Example of - best

    Example Sentences for best

    Then take out the best pieces of giblet, trim them neatly, and set them aside.

    Marriage is the best means we've found for perpetuating and improving the race.

    "I will do my best, mother dear," said Elsa, with a quick short sigh.

    But everyone did his best to contribute to the hilarity of the occasion.

    Anybody can see that we're playing all round you simply because we've got the best team.

    I guess, after our talk this afternoon, you think you're doing what's best for the valley.

    “This is my best jacket,” said he, when the injured arm was safe in its sleeve.

    It may not look quite right, but it's the best thing for the farmers.

    This story must take its place as one of the best dozen stories of the war.

    I am going to miss the demands he made on my best spiritual effort.

Word Origin & History of - best

    Word Origin & History

    best O.E., reduced by assimilation of -t- from earlier O.E. betst "best, first, in the best manner," originally superlative of bot "remedy, reparation," the root word now only surviving in to boot (see boot (2)), though its comparative, better, and superlative, best, transferred to good (and in some cases well). From P.Gmc. root *bat-, with comp. *batizon and superl. *batistaz. The verb "to get the better of" is from 1863. Best-seller is from 1889; best friend was in Chaucer (late 14c.). Best girl is first attested 1887 in a Texas context; best man is 1814, originally Scottish, replacing groomsman.

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