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The Synonym of - betrothed (adjective)

Word Example of - betrothed

    Example Sentences for betrothed

    This he did, and taking his betrothed in his arms, stepped out into the sunlight.

    It is the first time he has danced with her since they were betrothed.

    She is betrothed, and will be married on the Sabbath after the Feast of Weeks.

    "My betrothed, your Excellency," he said simply, taking me by the hand.

    Her arrival was a check—the formalities of her betrothed's house never failed to upset her.

    Meanwhile I could not hear from my betrothed in all those months.

    Cecilio awaits his betrothed in the dusky burial-place, surrounded by the trophies of Roman heroes.

    Nothing but an interview with my betrothed could relieve it.

    Yes, once betrothed, he believed that she would be true as steel.

    When was my betrothed to be sold, and I to assist at the spectacle?

Word Origin & History of - betrothed

    Word Origin & History

    betrothed pp. adj., 1530s, from betroth (q.v.). As a noun, in use by 1580s.

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