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Word Example of - better

    Example Sentences for better

    No doubt; still I should be better pleased if they were back home.

    Only you'd better leave national politics to your inferiors after this.

    But he had better have kept his hold upon Ben for a moment longer.

    This, too, was better luck than the three conspirators had hoped for.

    Dr. Munro thought it would be better that he should not come down.

    "I'd like it better than anything else in the world," said Sara.

    She loves him better than she loves her life; but she loves right better than either.

    I hope you are a better Christian than to think of living a nun, he?

    What better lot have I to offer them and what can I hope for even if they respond?

    But remember what I said to you, or you had better eat your own horns, by this light you had.

Word Origin & History of - better

    Word Origin & History

    better O.E. betera (see best), from P.Gmc. *batizo-, from PIE *bhad- "good." Comparative adj. of good in the older Gmc. languages (cf. O.N. betr, Dan. bedre, Ger. besser, Goth. batiza). Superseded bet in the adverbial sense by 1600. Better half "wife" is first attested 1570s; to get the better of (someone) is from mid-15c.

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