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Word Example of - between

    Example Sentences for between

    Between righteousness and morals the difference is important.

    For, between you and I, I had whimsies and vapours, but I gave them vent.

    Between parent and child, the intimacy had been unusually close.

    He ran his fingers over the edge, hissing as he did so between his teeth.

    “I am––that is, I––My tent was right there between those two trees,” said Ashton.

    Between whiles she arrested her labours to think of something else.

    The period of the palace was conjectured to be between those of Khorsabad and Nimroud.

    "I have no orders, except to sink and destroy," replied Erskine between his teeth.

    In the original, they were printed in the gutter, between the two versions.

    You gave him between forty and fifty dollars the first time?

Word Origin & History of - between

    Word Origin & History of - between

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