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Word Example of - betwixt

    Example Sentences for betwixt

    If it's betwixt and between—well, I'm honest, and I can't say more.

    It's 'you tickle me an' I tickle you' betwixt him an' de ol' Scratch.

    Finally it was betwixt chance and choice that the place and hour of concussion were determined.

    I disremember just how fur that last stop is from the Crick, but I think it's betwixt 25 and 30 mile.

    Friends or foes, French or Spaniards, succor or death: betwixt these were their hopes and fears divided.

    Why should a couetous man be called poore, what affinitie is betwixt them twoo?

    Hit was betwixt you an' him, an' 'twant none o' my business long as you an' him air goin' to marry.

    “There is all the difference that is betwixt Heaven and earth,” answered Mr Tremayne.

    Nay, come at once, I implore thee; for until I am justified to my mistress, I stand like one betwixt life and death.

    “There is no manner of likeness, Blanche, betwixt this creature and Don John,” she urged.

Word Origin & History of - betwixt

    Word Origin & History

    betwixt O.E. betweox "between, among, amidst, meanwhile," from bi- "by" + tweox "for two," from P.Gmc. *twa "two" + *-isk "-ish." With parasitic -t that appeared in O.E.

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