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Word Example of - big

    Example Sentences for big

    How would it be if we were to lay him in that little hollow and cover him with big stones?

    He was big and upstanding, with a look of honesty that Pen liked.

    He said "Yes" dreamily, and she ran off towards the big house.

    The big desert farmer was staring at Sara, horror in every line of his face.

    Seven boys had come to a halt in the heart of the big woods.

    The Big Boss, as he loved to call Jim, was looking very tired.

    I 've known her ever since she was a little tad not big enough to walk.

    Sara had once actually found her crying over a big package of them.

    Now "Mouser" was Farmer Green's big, yellow-eyed, black cat!

    And Clif was seated in the stern, heading for the big merchantman.

Word Origin & History of - big

    Word Origin & History of - big

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