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Word Example of - bijou

    Example Sentences for bijou

    "And such a bijou of a house as I mean to have," continued Angila, with animation.

    Bijou was the first little male he had ever been jealous of.

    M. de Clagny was much more taken up with Bijou than with the four horses he was driving.

    What he said to Bijou in an interview that evening of four hours is no business of ours.

    It is a bijou villa, with a garden at the back, but built out in the front right up to the road, two stories.

    One night in a caf adjoining the Bijou Theatre he was very rude to me.

    M. de la Balue mumbled out some unintelligible words, whilst his son and daughter, looking very sad, shook hands with Bijou.

    He knew Margaret when she was in the Bijou, and asked her to marry him.

    But this afternoon the levee at Bijou had been the scene of a new panic.

    She had no mind to give up that bijou of a house just entered upon.

Word Origin & History of - bijou

    Word Origin & History

    bijou 1660s, from Fr. bijou, from Breton bizou "(jeweled) ring," from bez "finger" (cf. Cornish bisou "finger-ring," 13c.).