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Word Example of - bill

    Example Sentences for bill

    In 1890 a bill for this purpose received 44 out of 114 votes in the Parliament.

    Oscar and Bill kept up a shouted conversation with each other.

    The Democrats would not accept this amendment, and the bill was never passed.

    I've been wanting to get a look at that country and a talk with you, Bill, for a month.

    Bill explained all that had happened, except about the treasure.

    Bill stopped abruptly, for Murphy's fist was under his nose.

    To call him a liar was equivalent to contracting a doctor's bill.

    I made Bill drop me at the Hendersons' because I wanted to surprise you.

    Having gained its object, the Government had to pay the Bill.

    The fellow had him at his mercy, and what, after all, did he know of Uncle Bill?

Word Origin & History of - bill

    Word Origin & History

    bill "written statement," mid-14c., from Anglo-L. billa "list," from M.L. bulla "decree, seal, sealed document," in classical L. "bubble, boss, stud, amulet for the neck" (hence "seal;" see bull (2)). Sense of "account, invoice" first recorded c.1400; that of "order to pay" (technically bill of exchange) is from 1570s; that of "paper money" is from 1660s. Meaning "draft of an act of Parliament" is from 1510s. The verb meaning "to send someone a bill of charge" is from 1867.

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