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Word Example of - billet

    Example Sentences for billet

    I took it and started on the dead run for my billet, about 400 yards away, and in a minute or two Mac followed with another comb.

    Edouard flew to the wheelbarrow, and, reversing it, spun a lot of billet out.

    The billet was disreputable enough, written in pencil, and without any date.

    Such a billet displeased me; nevertheless I determined to persevere.

    The room was thoroughly bare—there was not even a billet of wood, let alone an axe, or saw.

    In another minute the Germans would have missed their billet.

    The young man rushed into his father's arms, while Billet sighed.

    "It must have been an Indian who brought this billet," observed Manangani.

    It ought not to be necessary to say that you cannot go to the National Forests expecting to billet yourself at the ranger's house.

    How do you know that I am not writing a billet doux to a lady?

Word Origin & History of - billet

    Word Origin & History

    billet 1590s, "to assign quarters to," earlier, as a noun, "official record or register" (M.E.), from Anglo-Fr. billette "list, schedule," dim. of bille (see bill (1)).

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