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The Synonym of - bin (noun)

Word Example of - bin

    Example Sentences for bin

    It's the trail of the bar we've bin' huntin' this long while, that's what it is.

    “We have bin in luck, sir,” replied the hunter, touching his cap.

    I bin working on de tobacco, and when I come back to de barns everything was gone.

    He pushed back the bin, shut the cellar-door and left the house.

    It wus hot 'nough fer a while, I tell you; as lively a little jig as I've ever bin in.

    He refills the bin in the stable, and it is from there the oats are being stolen.

    As to love, exist it do, for Bart's bin talked into filling his 'eart with the same, by me.

    You know this 'ere young lady, and you remember what you've bin and told me.

    That's bin played on me once to-night, and if anybody does it again my name ain't Si Klegg!

    The bin for charcoal, which was the fuel used in the stove, was filled full.

Word Origin & History of - bin

    Word Origin & History of bin

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