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The Synonym of - binary-digit ()

Word Example of - binary-digit

    Example Sentences for binary

    In addition to the two elements present in binary acids, the great majority of acids also contain oxygen.

    Antares is probably a binary, although its binary character has not yet been established.

    Contrast the binary compounds as a class with the quaternary compounds as a class.

    Each pair is apparently a binary; but the period of revolution is unknown.

    It is only in the case of binary systems that we can discover the masses of stars at all.

    The binary coloured systems are not all composed of blue and red suns.

    Binary fissions of same, 1-nucleat individual at final stage of fission.

    The family system is a combination of the solar and the binary systems.

    It is regarded as a binary of long and as yet unascertained period.

    The repetition was a survival from the old dance movements in binary form.

Word Origin & History of - binary-digit

    Word Origin & History

    binary mid-15c., from L.L. binarius "consisting of two," from bini "twofold, two apiece, two-by-two," from bis "double" (see bis-). Binary code in computer terminology was in use by 1952, though the idea itself is ancient. Binary star in astronomy is from 1802.

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