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Word Example of - bind

    Example Sentences for bind

    And she made a movement, as if to bind back her hair, that she might hasten away.

    She is not dead, but you may kill her if you refuse to let Mrs. Lawkins bind up her wounds.

    The first precaution that the corporal had taken was to disarm and bind his prisoners.

    He managed to throw the man into a chair and bind him with a rope.

    He produced some thin frayed rope and proceeded to bind our companion with sufficient strictness for the purpose.

    Bind with these chains your golden youth; I bring you cares and sacrifices.

    She therefore absolutely refused to let him now bind himself to her by any fresh promises.

    "It is not usual to bind captured prisoners," suggested the captain.

    No one would expect an oath like that to bind you to fight against your own people, said Larry quickly.

    He desires to have them at a cheap price, and to bind as before.

Word Origin & History of - bind

    Word Origin & History

    bind O.E. bindan "to tie up with bonds" (literally and figuratively), also "to make captive; to cover with dressings and bandages" (class III strong verb; past tense band, pp. bunden), from PIE base *bhendh- "to bind" (see bend). A derived noun, in various senses, traces back to late Anglo-Saxon times; meaning "tight or awkward situation" is from 1851.