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Word Example of - binding

    Example Sentences for binding

    He would of course raise objections, since they would only end by binding him the more firmly in his father's heart.

    Loyalty was conceived as binding one primarily to one's own state.

    On the same day it claimed an absolute discretion by a decree that the mandates of the electors were not binding on its members.

    A community of ignorances may be as binding as a community of interests.

    The abutments are useful for binding and keeping the furnace together, and are built of masonry.

    If laws are binding on you, observe the law which now exists.

    You see, the ring was gone and—it had only been an engagement ring anyhow, and everybody knows how binding they are!

    He could not be tempted, and entered into a binding engagement with Bernhard.

    Midway round the pole they place a lesser globe, binding it with purple fillets, but the end of the pole is decked with saffron.

    They had a way, in the Palace, of binding one's hands and leaving one helpless.

Word Origin & History of - binding

    Word Origin & History

    binding mid-13c., action of bind (q.v.). Meaning "thing that binds" is from c.1300; "state of being bound" is from late 14c. Meaning "covering of a book" is recorded from 1640s.

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