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Word Example of - biology

    Example Sentences for biology

    It savours of impatience, and is in flat contradiction to the first principles of biology.

    "The History of Animals" is the largest and most important of Aristotle's works on biology.

    I did my Biology at University College,—getting out the ovary of the earthworm and the radula of the snail, and all that.

    Any dynamics, in biology or in culture, is due to differences.

    He had not discovered anything new in biology; but what biological creature could he have discovered more singular than himself?

    Aristotle, the father of biology, believed in spontaneous generation.

    Biology was in so early a stage that a theory had often of necessity to be founded on a very slight basis of facts.

    And my senses, I perceive, belong not to me but to the procreative principles of biology.

    Abednego Danner was a professor of biology in a small college in the town of Indian Creek.

    In the world with which biology deals, Evolution culminates in Knowledge.

Word Origin & History of - biology

    Word Origin & History

    biology 1819, from Ger., from Gk. bios "life" (see bio-) + logia "study of." Suggested 1802 by German naturalist G. Reinhold Treviranus and introduced as a scientific term that year in French by Lamarck.

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