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Word Example of - birth

    Example Sentences for birth

    The birth of the Princess Elizabeth occurred January 28, 1635.

    The wild turkey wanders to a great distance from the place of its birth.

    Nature, indeed, pays no heed to birth or condition in bestowing her favors.

    Two months before his birth his father was killed in battle.

    By birth, howbeit, he said (if rightly, I recall it) that the hero was descended from Perseus.

    The lowest animals, as a rule, are at birth most like the adult.

    Could it be that the secret of Ida's birth was to be revealed at last!

    There was only one of him; the planet could not produce two of him at one birth, nor in one age.

    He is a Cockney by birth, for he was born within the sound of Bow-bells.

    No man is ever a scholar at his birth, and bishops are made of men, not of stones.

Word Origin & History of - birth

    Word Origin & History

    birth early 13c., from O.N. *byrðr (replacing cognate O.E. gebyrd "birth, descent, race; offspring; nature; fate"), from P.Gmc. *gaburthis (cf. O.Fris. berd, O.S. giburd, Du. geboorte, Ger. geburt, Goth. gabaurþs), from PIE *bhrto pp. of base *bher- (1) "to bear" (cf. Skt. bhrtih "a bringing, maintenance," L. fors, gen. fortis "chance;" see bear (v.)). Suffix -th is for "process" (as in bath, death). Meaning "parentage, lineage, extraction" (revived from O.E.) is from mid-13c. Birth control is from 1914; birth rate from 1859.

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