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Word Example of - birthplace

    Example Sentences for birthplace

    It is the birthplace of innumerable torrents, but one alone finds its way to the sea.

    It was the birthplace of the sculptor and painter, Caspar Becarra.

    Still it was Eugene's birthplace and for that reason important.

    Who cared about his birthplace, his parentage, or the color of his hair?

    The affection which all these exiles cherish for their birthplace is worthy of remark.

    What a birthplace for one of history's most priceless pearls—Sarah Twig!

    I am simply aware that my birthplace was Paris, in the house of a doctor, where my mother took refuge.

    Another was the birthplace of some great man, whom the world delighted to honour.

    In her study of geography, she had found that the village which was her birthplace lay northeast from Greenvale.

    It was purchased in behalf of the public by the Birthplace trustees in 1892.

Word Origin & History of - birthplace

    Word Origin & History

    birthplace c.1600, from birth + place.

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