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Word Example of - bit

    Example Sentences for bit

    The plough looks a bit glum, but she'll grow to like us presently.

    Jim put the bit of paper into his pocket and gave Pen the picture.

    There's great thoughts in that bit of twisted 'bacco there, if I only have the wit to trace 'em.

    She lifted him from her shoulder, set him on her knee, and gave him a bit of cake.

    Here's a bit of a treeho, lads, as I bought in Brummagem the day afore yesterday.

    But he covered up his own name with a bit of red blotting-paper.

    Says she's in a bit of weather herself, and can't quit station.

    It ought not to have been loose, and there is a bit of discipline for some jack-tar.

    "Feels a bit grumpy, I fancy," thought Noel, with a suppressed grin.

    But now I've got this 'ouse, and a bit put by, I'll think of gittin' a 'usband.

Word Origin & History of - bit

    Word Origin & History of - bit

    We're sorry, we couldn't find bit. the Word Origin & History of the word you requested. We'll soon we attach bit Word Origin & History of the word to our database. thank you to visit our online dictionary.

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