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"bite-the-bullet Synonyms"

What is a better word for bite-the-bullet? What's another word for bite-the-bullet? What are 5 "bite-the-bullet synonyms"? How can I replace the word bite-the-bullet? What is the meaning of bite-the-bullet in English?

Word Example of - bite-the-bullet

    Example Sentences for bite

    You would get hold of the end and unwind it, just as I bite off this knot.

    Some rats in the wall began to fight and bite each other, and squeak and scramble.

    The creature was over seven feet long, and a bite from its fangs would quickly have proved fatal.

    The child had a bun in both hands, and had stopped in the middle of a bite to watch her.

    It had seized the shaft of the harpoon, which had broken in two, and was endeavouring to bite through the rope.

    The young one was as ugly as sin itself, and tried to get at the men to bite them.

    Wherever he showed his teeth, they must have said to themselves, ‘What a beggar that would be to bite!’

    But at that point they ceased to bite, and not another nibble was had.

    The female watched alertly as the intruder approached, and attempted to bite it if it came too near or touched an egg.

    You may let them eat meal in your hand: they will not bite you.

Word Origin & History of - bite-the-bullet

    Word Origin & History of bite-the-bullet

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