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Word Example of - blab

    Example Sentences for blab

    I mean that Dick Prescott and his gang had to go and blab on us!

    Mother earth will not blab to any one; she'll keep it close.

    Then the banker he say, "And you will go and blab, I suppose?"

    The reader will bear in mind that Oliver means the moon—to "whiddle" is to blab.

    You've known her long enough to trust her, or the devil's in it; she ain't one to blab, are you Nancy?

    Should he blab it out, and so be poor again, and lose the crock?

    Don't you say sich things against me, or I'll blab—sure as death!

    Then the banker he say, 'And you will go and blab, I suppose?'

    What in the world made you blab about what I wrote you last week?

    I will make certain that he will not blab nor tattle—that is the thing most to be feared.

Word Origin & History of - blab

    Word Origin & History

    blab 1530s, from M.E. noun blabbe "one who does not control his tongue" (late 14c.), probably echoic.

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