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Word Example of - blacklist

    Example Sentences for blacklist

    The blacklist was the last straw which provoked the retaliatory legislation.

    It does not need to use a "blacklist" because the employers are all combined in one "person."

    To attain their end these associations made liberal use of the lockout, the blacklist, and armed guards and detectives.

    "I don't think you have any cause to blacklist Mr. Norcross," I said.

    The difficult problem of course was the blacklist and bunkering agreement, but I think we are by that.

    We should never have had a blacklist, etc., if that had been done.

    He'll blacklist you in every yacht club from Bar Harbor to Miami.

    Commissioner Wright: "Do labor unions ever blacklist non-union men?"

    Commissioner Wright: "Have you any other evidence of the existence of a blacklist?"

    But three more girls went down on the blacklist, and the plebes' triumph was yet greater.

Word Origin & History of - blacklist

    Word Origin & History of blacklist

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